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Forest Trees


Yoga is about reconnecting with our body, mind and the natural world that we are all part of.

Yoga offers an amazing way to reconnect to the body and calm the mind to help find some inner peace in this hectic world. We can find the same calm by reconnecting to nature - taking a quiet mindful walk in woodlands, walking along a quiet beach. In some way immersing yourself in nature.

I am passionate about reconnecting to nature and can see a very real link between Yoga and nature. It is no coincidence that the early Yoga teaching establishments in India were called forest schools.

One of my passions is Wild swimming and camping. The benefit of wild swimming both mentally and physically are now being more widely recognised and I am planning on offering outdoor Yoga and meditation as well as linking other outdoor activities in the near future. I am a mentor with the charity Mental Health Swims and if you are interested in joining one of our free peer led swims please follow the link provided.

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