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Passion for Yoga

The ethos behind my yoga is to allow as many people as possible to experience Hatha Yoga and the benefits the practice offers. When they first think of Yoga many people imagine becoming very flexible, very fit and toned. Yoga certainly does have some of these benefits, but they are far more wide reaching and please do not be put off joining any yoga class just because of our preconception of what a yogi should look like. Yoga is for all shapes, sizes, religion, races and orientations. Indeed, from a Buddhist and Yogic perception, we are all one (look up non-dualism).

When Yoga was originally developed many thousands of years ago, the physical practice was designed to ready the body for relaxation and meditation. Yoga literally means "to yoke". - as in to control the mind. This is still true to a certain extent, in that the physical aspect of Yoga helps to quieten the mind, linking mind, movement, body and breath. Each class not only consists of the physical aspects but also breathing techniques, relaxation and meditation.

I started practising Yoga over twenty years ago, searching for a way to keep my back in shape, having embarked on a career in gardening. Many years later, I discovered the true and far reaching benefits this ancient science and art has to offer. My Dharma (calling) is to give as many people as possible the chance to experience what Yoga has to offer.

Nameste (I see you in me)


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